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Post by Kick'em Jenny on Sat Feb 25, 2017 11:47 pm

Heya folks!

My name is Kick'em Jenny, and I'm named after an active underwater volcano in the Carribean. Volcanoes are cool.

I originally played TSW when it first came out; I was so impressed with the game that I purchased a Grandmaster account. I played through the story on my then-character Sandgarden (who's now known as Saga-VG and is currently hanging out in the Crucible) I did some of the endgame at the time (which was mostly just high level dungeons iirc)  but burned out after a while. I've come back to the game on and off for years, and I'm getting serious about it again.

I'm playing through the story again because it's wicked awesome. I've played trinity-style MMOs for years now and have a good grasp of standard mechanics. My goal is to play a healer, because I've always loved doing that. Currently I'm sporting blue QL 10 talismans and I'm working on weapons - blade and blood are my preferred missioning weapons, however I plan to pursue Pistols, Fist, Blood, and AR for healing purposes (obv) I enjoy missioning, dungeon spelunking, deck theorycrafting, long walks on the beach, and PvP.  However, I am firmly casual and RL comes first (I have a 4 month old daughter after all!) so I may log at a moment's notice at times (during dungeons or other group activities I'll block the time if possible to not leave people hanging!)

If I'm on and someone needs help with something, let me know! People tell me I'm not the friendliest person but that's not from lack of effort! Very Happy  

See you around!

Kick'em Jenny

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Post by Cali-Guy on Sun Feb 26, 2017 2:50 pm

Nice to meet you, Kick'em!

Looking forward to seeing some volcanic activity from you. Very Happy


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