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Code of Conduct

Post by Yulecraft on Fri Feb 24, 2017 2:58 am

Lovecraft Code
A Codex to Lovecraft
The RuleBook

In Order to keep this short, the leadership association has left the following bullet points for rules!
Please follow these...

>Horrendous Conduct:
*No Guild member should ever discriminate others by race, gender, sex, religious affiliation, culture, etc. (This is taken very seriously here).
*No member should assault anyone verbally or by any other means: including sexual misconduct, threatening or through lewd verbose. [If caught, you will be kicked & reported to the GM teams]
*We would like to keep swearing to a minimum. While a vulgar language is, by any means, always going to appear, members shouldn't go on ranting fowl words -esp. towards other members.

>Property Code
*No member should proceed to troll, or harm another member by means of fiscal or physical scamming. This will get you kicked and reported to the GM team as it against the Funcom policy.

>Breech of Confidentiality
*Private information is a secret for a reason. Members that announce others personal and private information by means of bullying is gross misconduct. This is cyber-bullying and harassment. It is not allowed in Lovecraft. We do not allow others to harass people here.

*If you feel as though something should be added to this list, please message Horrorcraft or the Lovecraft Association (Leadership team)

Please follow the rules,
Have fun TSWing!

Kind Regards,

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